7 Strength Exercises To Get Rid of Your Lower Belly Pooch

Plank Variations

Master the plank. Explore different variations to engage your entire core, helping eliminate that stubborn lower belly pooch.

Bicycle Crunches

Rev up your core with bicycle crunches. Target your lower abs and obliques for a comprehensive abdominal workout.

Leg Raises

Lift and tone with leg raises. Strengthen your lower abdominal muscles to achieve a flat and defined stomach.

Russian Twists

Twist away the pooch. Incorporate Russian twists into your routine to engage your obliques and trim your waistline.

Mountain Climbers

Climb to a flatter stomach. Mountain climbers provide a dynamic workout that targets your entire core, helping you shed the lower belly pooch.

Reverse Crunches

Flip the script with reverse crunches. Target the lower abs and say goodbye to that troublesome pooch.

Side Planks

Stabilize and sculpt with side planks. Strengthen your obliques and create a more defined waistline.

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