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Talking Loudly on the Phone

Speaking loudly on the phone not only disrupts the peace but also invades the auditory space of everyone nearby. Some employees speak loudly during phone conversations, disturbing the office’s quiet atmosphere.

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Overpowering Perfume or Cologne

Wearing strong fragrances can overwhelm the shared office environment, causing discomfort or even allergic reactions for some.

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Cluttered Common Spaces

Occupying shared tables with personal items for extended periods prevents others from using these spaces effectively.

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Eating Smelly Food at Your Desk

A survey by the Independent found that people found smoked mackerel and boiled eggs to be the worst offenders when it came to smelly foods.

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Excessive Gossiping

Talking loudly about private matters not only distracts others but also spreads information that may not be intended for public consumption.

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Ignoring Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is super important at work. When someone is always late with their part, it messes up everything for the team.

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Misusing Meeting Times

Meetings are a time to share ideas and get things done. But if you’re late, talk too much, or don’t pay attention, it’s a problem. It shows you’re not thinking about others’ time and effort.

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Loud Personal Conversations

Sometimes, people talk about their personal lives too loudly in the office. This can make it hard for others to focus on their work. It’s even more awkward if they talk about private things that everyone can hear.

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Keyboard Clacking

Some keyboards make a lot of noise when you type. This can be really distracting for people around. Even small sounds, like clicking a pen or tapping on the desk, can annoy others. When someone keeps making noise without thinking about how it affects others, it shows they’re not being considerate.

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