Clothing Items You Shouldn't Wear On An Airplane

Tight pants

Choose something with some give for comfort and mobility. Choose jeans with 3–5% elastane for comfort and suppleness. Here, stylish joggers work too.


Shapewear is meant to slim and smooth you. Though fun for a night out, that's not comfy on an aircraft.

High heels and other dress shoes

Stay away from heels, lace-up boots, and buckled shoes. These are fashionable, but they may make security queues and airline aisles more stressful.


You don't know how many individuals or anything touched the seat. You never know how clean it will be, therefore pants reduce germs.

Sleeveless tops

If you choose a sleeveless shirt, layer. Bring a sweater or jacket to cover it.

Bulky jewelry or accessories

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) advises carrying valuables in carry-on luggage to avoid loss or theft in checked baggage.

Claw clips

Claw clips are stylish, but wearing them on a flight won't let you rest your head on the headrest and will be unpleasant.

Tight dresses

Since planes have limited space, anything hard to get in and out of will make using the restroom more difficult. Wear comfy, easy-to-get-in-and-out-of clothes.


These are accidents waiting to happen. In an aisle seat, you have little protection if someone treads on your foot while going to the restroom.

Backless shoes

Backless shoes like mules or slides may potentially cause problems on flights. Visiting the airline toilet without foot protection might lead to unhygienic situations.

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