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Early Signs of Liver Damage You Should Look Out For

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Dull Pain in the Abdomen

You may feel a dull pain in your abdomen, which is usually on the right side. It’s not always there, though, so if you’re feeling any abdominal pain, it’s important to see your healthcare provider right away.

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Fatigue is another common symptom of liver disease. It’s not just a side effect of being tired; it’s also a sign that your body isn’t able to do what it needs to do properly.

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Many things can cause nausea or vomiting, but if one or both are happening to you on a regular basis, this could be an early sign of liver damage too.


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Loss of Appetite

Sometimes when the liver is damaged by disease or injury, it can affect your appetite. If you’ve noticed that you aren’t feeling hungry as often or as much as usual, this could be an early sign of liver damage.

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Unexplained Weight Loss

The liver is responsible for metabolizing fat, so your body will have trouble processing and storing fat if it’s not doing its job properly. This could lead to weight loss.

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