10 New Policy Exceptions Of Southwest Airlines

1. The booking is made within a time frame of less than 36 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

2. Rapid Rewards account numbers are not retained within the reservation system during the 36-hour period before check-in.

3. The Group Travel itinerary was reserved by a member who holds the status of A-List or A-List Preferred. The privilege of boarding first is exclusively granted to A-List and A-List Preferred Members.

4. Modifications to flight reservations made within a time frame of 36 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

5. The traveler opts to utilize the standby option to board an alternative flight rather than the one for which they have a confirmed reservation.

6. The flight takes place at the expiration of a Member's A-List or Preferred status.

7. The presence of unreliable operations has the potential to negatively impact the benefits and privileges associated with A-List or A-List Preferred Membership.

8. If a boarding card is not generated or if the passenger is not present at the departure gate a minimum of 10 minutes before to departure, certain consequences may arise.

10. In order to board together, it is necessary to meet the following criteria: being an A-List member, having a reservation made at least 36 hours in advance, possessing a Rapid Rewards number, and not being part of a school group.

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