The 7 Most Beautiful Department Stores Around the World

Harrods, London

Step into the grandeur of Harrods. Uncover the history and splendor of this iconic London department store.

GUM, Moscow

Marvel at the beauty of GUM in Moscow. Immerse yourself in Russian architecture while experiencing top-tier shopping.

Galeries Lafayette, Paris

Indulge in Parisian elegance. Dive into the opulence of Galeries Lafayette, where luxury shopping meets architectural magnificence.

Siam Paragon, Bangkok

Explore the vibrant Siam Paragon. Witness the fusion of modern design and Thai cultural influences in this Bangkok gem.

Macy's, New York City

Discover the magic of Macy's Herald Square. Dive into the heart of New York City's iconic department store and its holiday extravaganzas.

Shinsegae, Seoul

Experience South Korean sophistication at Shinsegae. Uncover the blend of tradition and modernity in this Seoul shopping haven.

Isetan, Tokyo

Journey to Tokyo's Isetan. Immerse yourself in Japanese retail excellence with a touch of contemporary flair.

KaDeWe, Berlin

Delve into the grandeur of KaDeWe. Experience Berlin's luxury shopping destination and its timeless charm.

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