Where To Get Great Bagels Outside of New York

Located on the bustling York Boulevard in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park, Belle's Bagels serves up all of the classics as well as a wide assortment of original specialties like beet cream cheese.

1) Belle's Bagels, Los Angeles

What once was an at-home bakery evolved into a food truck before it became the Miami storefront that El Bagel is today. On a typical day you can anticipate an average thirty-minute wait, but there's no doubt it's worth it.

2) El Bagel, Miami

A noteworthy gem in the Pittsburgh food scene, Pigeon Bagels has been baking hand-rolled bagels in the predominantly Jewish Squirrel Hill neighborhood since 2019.

3) Pigeon Bagels, Pittsburgh

In addition to standard spreads, you can order your bagel with specialities like carrot spread and tahini or labneh with strawberries.

4) Flour Moon Bagels, New Orleans

Situated in East Atlanta Village, Emerald City Bagels looks as if it were cut right out of New York City and pasted into Atlanta.

5) Emerald City Bagels, Atlanta

Made from a wild yeast fermented starter, the bagels at Korshak Bagels undergo a 48-hour rising process before they are boiled and baked, which is why they are unlike any other bagel you'll find just about anywhere.

6) Korshak Bagels, Philadelphia

Ruby's Bagels serves up some of the tastiest bagels in Wisconsin through the window of a food track, offering specialty flavors like cinnamon-cranberry and rosemary sea salt, just to name a few.

7) Ruby's Bagels, Milwaukee

A West Coast haven for East Coast transplants, Bernsteins's Bagels is the go-to destination for bagel-seekers in Portland.

8) Berstein's Bagels, Portland

It is an undisputed fact that New York is the go-to destination when it comes to bagels. Firm on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside-- New York bagels don't even need to be toasted.